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Testimonials of Our Work in Fort Worth - Dallas - Arlington - All North Texas

With over ten thousand satisfied customers, American Eagle Builders takes pride in the accolades that we have received from over the years. More than simply enjoying these positive comments from our trusted clients, we use this feedback to better improve our services. With over 30 years of experience under our belt, we have delivered nothing but quality service and workmanship to home owners looking to fulfill their remodeling and redesigning goals.


Testimonial from Charles and Dianna Angulo.
To American Eagle Builders, Inc.

My husband and I recently hired your company to screen in our back patio. We could not be more pleased with the results. Roger and Bill, the two men who came to do the work on our patio, did a fantastic job! They showed up and worked hard all the way through to the completion of the project, which only took around four days from start to finish and had entailed some challenging carpentry work on one side of our back patio, as we had existing wood cross beams and the like that needed to be addressed/amended before any siding could be put up in that spot.

Roger and Bill were a pleasure to meet and have working on our porch. We have enjoyed the beauty of the porch they put up for us and have eaten lunch out there many times. We are going to do a lot of lounging and birdwatching out there too!

Mike, thank you for explaining the quality of the products used and facilitating the whole process so smoothly. Thank you all so much for doing such a great job! We feel we have a sturdy outdoor living space that we can and will enjoy for years to come. It has increased the value of our home and our own quality of life.... no more flies, mosquitos or bees able to get at us and pester us. We can now enjoy our own backyard. We would recommend American Eagle Builders, Inc. to anyone wanting to have a patio screened in.


Testimonial from Joe Becker.
To whom it may concern,
American Eagle just renovated our siding, gutters, soffits, fascia, and dormers. Their work is nothing short of miraculous. All our neighbors have stopped by to comment on the quality of the work. Repairs were done quickly by obvious artisans. Clean-up was done daily. This renovation has surely increased the value to our home and it makes coming home to a fresh look a daily pleasure.

Our sincere thanks to Phil Ehinger, VP Sales, David Hawkins, a true master of his trade, and Sergio who did the gutters so quickly we never got to meet! We highly recommend American Eagle Builders and will continue to take advantage of the great service in the future.


Testimonial from Richard Bamer.
To whom it may Concern:

On August 22nd of 2018, I met with Phil Ehinger to discuss the possibilities of having some siding work done on my home. Phil was extreme polite and knowledgeable on their products, and also the advantages to having a good quality siding installed. I was very please to learn about the products and advantages surrounding the installation of American Eagle Builder’s siding.

On Monday September 3rd the installation crew arrived and began working on my new siding. The crew’s foreman was very polite and knowledgeable regarding American Eagle’s installation processes. American’s entire crew did a fantastic job. I’m more than pleased with my new siding. It’ll bring more equity to my home and reduce the energy I consume as well as being a home worthy of being a show home in my neighborhood. The crew answered my question(s)
or concern(s) every time I came up with any issue(s).

I would highly recommend American Eagle Builder’s for your home improvement needs or wants. The entire organization is very professional and polite.


Testimonial from Richard.
To whom it may Concern:

On October 31 2018 I contracted with American Eagle Builders to replace 7 windows in my Irving, Texas home. Four of the replacement windows were to have arched tops to match the existing windows and brick work. All windows were to be double glazed, inert gas filled, tinted and equipped with screens.

On December 3 2018 a crew came to install the windows. They were in allrespects knowledgeable, polite and worked diligently to insure that the job was done correctly without disruption of the home anymore than was necessary. I was more than satisfied with their work and that when required by circumstances that could not be foreseen, went the extra step to complete the job with the best results. They finished that day and left the premises clean. I am totally pleased with the results and the look and operation of the windows. I came to understand, that due to manufacturing concerns, some of the arched windows could not be made as originally planned. The company actually went the extra mile to provide a better than contracted window to overcome that problem. The best part was that they did so at the original contracted price. That might be a first that many other companies would not even consider. 

The job was accomplished on time and at the contracted price. I would not fail to recommend this company to anyone thinking of window replacement.


Testimonial from Jo Ann Perry.
To Whom It May Concern,

I am so excited about my new windows; my 38-year-old home now looks like it is part of the 21st century! I would like to acknowledge the staff, from Mike Oswald and Phil Ehinger to
the installers. They were all professional yet personable, and took extra steps to make sure I understood and was comfortable with the process. The installers were careful, neat,
cleaned up after themselves, had positive attitudes, and even took the time to point out and correct a flaw found from a previous installation. Despite having to work in the Texas heat,
they were efficient and completed the installation in a timely manner; an obvious demonstration of dedication and passion for their job.

My home looks great and I would gladly use American Eagle Builders for future home improvements and recommend them to neighbors and friends.


Testimonial from Christopher and Sharon A.
To whom it may concern at American Eagle Builders:
I am writing this letter in appreciation and as recommendation for the amazing new windows we are now enjoying! It is not just the windows themselves, but also the quick and professional way in which the team worked to install them. I never thought windows could make such a significant improvement in our daily lives. We are first time home buyers and understood that the purchase of home in Wylie would mean accepting a home that needed improvements. Our home needed new windows, but we thought that it would be something we tackled in the future. We are so grateful and blessed that American Eagle Builders came to our attention. And that we did not wait! Before the beautiful new windows, we couldn't even open or use the vast majority of the windows in our 40-year-old home. The windows that were in our home were not even safe for our young children to play near. The open and honest meeting with Phil made us realize that we could not wait. The process from measurement to installation was fast and effortless (for us, at least).
When the installation team arrived, they were ready to work from the very first minute. They worked around our very curious 2-year-old son, and patiently answered all of his questions (the best they could understand). They were the epitome of professional installers. Quiet, quick, efficient, and extremely skilled. They were able to handle replacing the 40-year-old original windows, and made it look easy.
Every day that we come home, we see our house and cannot help but smile! Our windows are beautiful. More than aesthetics though, they have changed our day-to-day lives. We open the windows and enjoy our house and property like we didn't realize we could. We even rearranged the furniture so that we could enjoy every window in the house!
We recommend American Eagle Builders to every home owner we know in the DFW area. Even if they don't realize they need new windows!! We are looking forward to future home improvements with American Eagle Builders.


Testimonial from Laura C.
Dear American Eagle Builders,
I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the wonderful work you did on our window replacement. We could not be more thrilled with the experience.
There are so many things that we love about the windows themselves, but can I take a moment to mention how great the actual replacement experience was? Everyone on the work crew was very polite and efficient. It was startling how fast everything went. Cleanup was thorough and we did not find that anything was missed.
The windows themselves are lovely. They give the house a much more updated look. That alone is worth it, but I think the thing I am most stunned by is how quiet they are. As I mentioned during the sales call, we get flybys of military helicopters almost daily. The old windows rattled terribly when the helicopters were overhead. Not only do the new windows not rattle, but we have barely noticed ambient noise of any sort from outside.
The other thing that we love is the security. Having working locks on all the windows is reassuring, but knowing how many security features beyond the excellent locks are incorporated into the design what really gives us peace of mind.
The summer months are just starting. I am looking forward to see how our energy efficiency is affected. I may write again once we've seen how they handle a Texas summer. Until then, again, my thanks.


Testimonial from Kim R.
Hi John,
I realize this letter is a little late in arriving since the work on my home was completed in April. However, I wanted to be able to offer an honest opinion on the quality of the product you offer. Let me start by saying, the experience from your demonstration through the financing and the installation was first rate. It is refreshing to work with a company that actually does what they say they will do.
We immediately noticed a difference in the temperature upstairs and I haven't heard any complaints about the heat on the 2nd floor since the installation. Since my electricity is on an average I have pasted a graph below so you can see the usage over the past couple of months. Please be aware there isn't much difference but I believe this is due to an issue with my A/C unit and not the windows. I shudder to think of what the cost would be without the windows.
I'm in the process of having the air conditioner repaired and fully expect to notice a considerable difference in the electricity usage in July. The one item I have noticed that absolutely thrills me is the decrease in the amount of dust. I must say dusting is one of my least favorite chores and I don't get the buildup in 3 weeks that I got in 3 days prior to the window installation. Yay me!!!
I would not hesitate to recommend your company to family and/or friends.


Testimonial from Sarah M.
Hi Kathy!
I wanted to reach out to you regarding the amazing windows that we had installed in April. They have made such an improvement in the noise level from the surrounding traffic, it is strange how quiet my house is now! I also have loved the ability to open the windows from either the top or the bottom. With three dogs, it has made a huge difference being able to have fresh air in the home while still keeping my puppies safe. As the summer months approach, I can hardly wait to see what kind of savings we will see.The quick installation and production of the windows was really impressive. I was so thankful to the President of your company, who I had no idea at the time, brought the financing paperwork to my house to sign. He also looked for better deals for me, even after I had already agreed to one. THAT IS AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Testimonial from Diann C.
Diann C. contacted us at American Eagle Builders after considering doing renovations on her home. She was a widow who felt very insecure about making tough decisions like home renovations. Diann was planning to have her house painted and possibly installing new flooring, but she had not even thought about remodeling her windows. That is, until we explained to her the benefits of getting new windows installed and she actually saw the windows that we had to offer.

Once Diann saw the window installation options, her mind changed and she decided to put the painting and flooring renovations on hold. She said she was so glad that she did and she's "positively sure she made the right choice."

Since we installed new windows in her home, she has had her house painted. Diann stated that the paint job helped the look of the house but if she had to make a choice between painting or window installations, she would definitely choose the window installations. She also told us that the new windows have made her home look much cleaner and fresher, and even reduced the outside noise level which was typically a problem since she lives so close to the DFW International Airport and her windows would rattle as planes flew over.

Diann said she "could go on-and-on about the advantages" she discovered from having new windows installed. She even complimented us by saying, we were a godsend and she felt "it was a stroke of good luck to have found us." Diann also mentioned that our installers "were courteous, considerate, and professional" throughout the process.


Testimonial from Karen W.
Karen W. said that American Eagle Builders has turned her dreams into reality after completing a job in her home.

According to Karen, she had been dreaming about getting vinyl siding, new storm windows, a new front door with a storm screen, and a new patio door for over ten years now. She was thrilled when the last worker installed her gutters and complimented our crews saying, "all the men who work for American Eagle Builders have done a remarkable job" on her home. She said "they were all very professional, dependable and trustworthy." Karen was pleased that they did exactly what they said they would do, exactly when they said they would it.

Karen initially shared her worries about doing the project because she had friends who had been challenged by other remodeling companies. But, Karen was reassured once she had her first phone call with one of our team members who she said was a "very personable lady" that set up her appointments and helped her get the process started. After scheduling an appointment with John Smith to discuss the project, he set her up with another appointment with Roy Williams who went through Karen's financing options with her and "made it possible for her to make her dream come true."

Thanks to the financing options, Karen was "pleasantly surprised how the project fit into her budget." She stated that she was extremely impressed with our crews who installed new windows and doors in her home, and how careful everyone was with all of her belongings. She said that after each day of working, they cleaned up better than she'd ever seen.

The overall project took only 10 days for the completion and Karen stated that we turned her home into a place that she absolutely loves going home to. She was totally amazed with the outcome and will recommend American Eagle Builders to all her friends, relatives, and anyone who asks.


Testimonial from the R. Family in Cedar Hill, TX
A family in Cedar Hill, TX complimented us at American Eagle Builders for "the fantastic job that was done" in their home. They said that their home looks like a totally different house and that their "family and friends are literally passing [by] because of how different it looks."

The family expressed their gratitude to us, saying they are "very grateful to have done business" with us and that they are "especially amazed at how speedy the transition took place." They also explained how they were very anxious to see the house following the hard labor we put in, but they were impressed with the short wait and said that they weren't in suspense for long. The family also complimented our services by saying that even though "they say take your time and do it right, [our] installers did it quick and it couldn't have been better."

Our installers were very courteous and never inconvenienced the family in any way, which also lead to the family being "extremely satisfied" with the way their home had been modified. We left the family and their Cedar Hill home in exceptional condition and the family thanked us one last time saying they "would recommend our services to anyone else."


Testimonial from David and Misty H.
A satisfied couple thanked us at American Eagle Builders for a wonderful job installing new siding on their home. They bragged that "the whole experience had been smooth and stress free from start to finish, and made such a dramatic improvement" for the appearance of their residential home.

The couple stated that our professional siding installer was very friendly and professional, and even performed beyond their expectations by helping make the difficult decision between two different accent colors, much easier. Our technician helped by giving the clients different test strips to see how the colors looked against their home, making them feel more comfortable about the decision they made. They were also impressed with how "he picked up at the end of the day, so [their] yard always looked nice."

The couple was worried that their two active puppies would cause damage to the new siding by chewing on the edges of the house, like they had with the existing wood trim. So they were extremely pleased when they found out that the new siding was puppy-proof allowing them to enjoy the new low maintenance home siding even more.

They explained to us that the "whole experience had been so low-stress" that they decided to use us at American Eagle Builders to replace the front door to their home, since they just knew that they would "have the same great experience they they did with the siding installation."

The satisfied couple thanked us at American Eagle Builders for making their "house a home."


Testimonial from James H. P.
My recent experience of buying four windows for the front (west side) of my home was an altogether satisfying and positive experience. From the time I shook Herb's hand, I felt comfortable and sat down to learn everything I didn't know about quality windows. He took me through the process with a skill I hadn't seen for awhile. He took his time and made it seem more like a visit with an old friend than a sales pitch. I had already priced and had decided to try one more company before the final decision. Herb SOLD me his company, himself, and the windows. I didn't have a doubt that I was making the right decision. Thank You Herb, Fine job!

The installers were complete in their briefing of what they were going to do. They were fine young men who probably had a mother like mine. They were kind, courteous, and excellent craftsmen. They made the whole experience for me, worthwhile, giving me the feeling that I had made a good sound decision.

Thank You American Eagle Builders for a pleasing and rewarding experience.

James H. P.

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