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Radiant Barrier / Insulation

Fort Worth – Dallas – Arlington – All North Texas

A properly working insulation system is essential to ensuring optimum levels of thermal comfort for a home’s inhabitants. This is because insulation works as a barrier, preventing heat from flowing indoors during summer and outdoors during winter, helping regulate the temperature no matter what season of the year it is. Insulating your home is especially important in Texas where the Dallas / Fort Worth summers can create a lot of heat in your attic.

Energy-efficiency is another important benefit of having a well-insulated home. By preventing heat gain or loss, homeowners can reduce their dependence on heating and cooling equipment, thereby also cutting down their energy expenditures. By investing in a high-quality home insulation system, homeowners in Dallas / Fort Worth also get to help their community save energy, reducing power costs on a municipal level and also curtailing pollution if your city’s energy comes from sources like fossil fuels. Installing radiant barrier in your home or office in Dallas / Fort Worth can save you a lot on energy costs.

Liquid Foil Insulation


Liquid Foil Attic Barrier insulation is a radiant heat control coating that keeps heat out of a building during the summer and in during the winter. By keeping up to 84% of radiant heat from entering or escaping a building, Liquid Foil Attic Barrier insulation can cut energy consumption and costs significantly. It dries quickly to a shiny, metallic finish.


Highly reflective: Liquid foil insulation reflects heat radiation, reducing energy transfer.

Thin and lightweight: Its low profile allows for easy application in tight spaces.

Attic Insulation


Blown attic insulation has the ability to insulate areas where other types of insulation are difficult to install. Blown insulation is excellent for enclosed cavities, such as walls or for unenclosed spaces, such as attics. It also does not disturb any existing finishes or installation as it can be blown into small spaces.

Spray Foam Insulation


Spray foam insulation is a high-performance option for sealing and insulating your home. It expands to fill cracks and gaps, creating a tight air barrier that can significantly reduce energy bills.  This all-in-one product acts as both insulation and air sealant, simplifying installation. Spray foam boasts excellent insulation value and noise reduction, making your home more comfortable year-round.


Spray foam insulation seals gaps and cracks, boosting energy efficiency and lowering utility bills.

It acts as a superior barrier against air, moisture, and sound, creating a more comfortable living environment.

Expanding to fill cavities, spray foam provides excellent insulation value and can even contribute to structural strength.


What Our Customers Say

Very professional, the windows are fantastic I can really tell a difference. The temperature in the house has maintained the desired temperature. I am looking forward to see what my electric bill will be this month I know it will be lower. The installers are very professional and did an outstanding job installing the windows. The builders of the windows did a fantastic job all the windows fit perfectly. It was so exciting to open up the window to enjoy the outside air because the window easily opened unlike my 23 year old windows where it was very difficult. I highly recommend American eagle builders they are worth every penny.

Jackie Robinius

Great experience. We had all of our windows replaced. They finished ahead of schedule and communicated well. We can already tell a difference in the temperature inside of the house.

Sharolyn LePage

I was so concerned about how the new windows were going to replace the old ones. But when the men got here, they made me feel assured that everything was going to work out. And it did, they were great, covered everything and cleaned it all up. Then they even put my things back on the shelves. I never expected that. So don't worry they know what they're doing and do a great job. You will be happy with their work. To top it off they were friendly and respectful.

Debra Repp

The windows are great they look good and they have made a big difference in noise, and temperature of our home. We live next to the highway so there is always noise after the windows we hardly notice it.

Scott Burk

American Eagle Builders were wonderful! They replaced all of the windows in our house. It was a very smooth and easy process. They communicated very well.

Melanie Spataro

This is actually the second time they have worked on my home. In 2008 they replaced 75% of the windows in my home. Last week they came back to replace 2 more windows and to repair the brick work around the windows. They were very professional and timely. I would recommend them in a heart beat. I will use them in the future if the need arises again.

Michael Smet

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