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All-Season Sunrooms

Fort Worth – Dallas – Arlington – All North Texas

Sunrooms are an affordable way of adding leisure living space without the hassle and cost of conventional construction. A sunroom lets you comfortably stay indoors, possibly with air conditioning and heat, while still enjoying the outdoors and the view outside. Sunrooms for all seasons allow a lot more natural light in, so when it’s time to add light and space to your home in Arlington, Fort Worth, or Dallas, only choose the best! All-season sunrooms will improve your home’s value and efficiency and enhance your family’s life.

American Eagle Builders is proud to be an Authorized Distributor of Four Seasons Building Products, and we are a sunroom company with over 35 years as a sunroom installer.



A LifeRoom® encompasses everything you love about being outdoors, with all the comforts of being indoors.  LifeRooms® make the perfect room in which to relax, entertain and enjoy Texas life with your family. This is your sanctuary – your oasis – a serene haven where you are in complete control of your environment.  A LifeRoom® provides a soft, gentle breeze and cool mist that caresses you as the fully automated retractable screens protect you and your family from the blazing North Texas sun. LifeRoom®‘s cutting-edge technology makes it a welcome oasis from the stress of everyday living.

LifeRoom® can transform any DFW backyard into a beautiful outdoor retreat that reflects a person’s unique style. Your friends and family will be amazed as you pick up LifeRoom®‘s remote control and raise or lower the fully automated screens to create the perfect environment for entertaining, watching movies or just plain relaxing. Enjoy your backyard like never before. A LifeRoom® adds extra living space to your home and can increase the value of your property.  Adding a LifeRoom® to your home instantly affords you the freedom to enjoy the weather and fresh air of the outdoors, right in your own backyard.

Smooth glide Screen

Motorized Smooth Glide Screens

LifeRoom®‘s fully automated screens descend around you and your friends at the touch of a button. The attractive, remote controlled retractable screens instantly provide protection from inclement weather and flying insects while providing additional privacy.

Mood Lighting

Soothing blue LED mood lighting illuminates each retractable screen providing gentle illumination and privacy.

Cool Mist Climate System

Enjoy your LifeRoom® even on the hottest days. A cool mist that disappears as it cools the air around you.

When winter times comes around there’s no need to rush inside. You can still enjoy the outdoors with a radiant heater in your LifeRoom®.

Radiant Heaters

LifeRoom®‘s fully automated retractable screens not only keep unwanted flying pests out, but they are uniquely designed to serve as amazing projection screens for any home theater. Imagine, watching movies, TV shows and sporting events right in your own backyard.


Installing a Sunroom Can Help Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

A sunroom installation can help improve the energy efficiency of your home by harnessing the natural power of sunlight. By incorporating large windows and skylights made of energy-efficient glass, a sunroom allows sunlight to penetrate and warm the room during colder months, reducing the need for artificial heating. This passive solar heating method not only helps lower energy bills but also reduces the home’s carbon footprint. 

Sunrooms are also an excellent source of natural light, which minimizes the need for electric lights during daylight hours. Properly designed and insulated sunrooms can also aid in regulating indoor temperatures by using thermal mass materials like brick or stone flooring, which store heat during the day and release it slowly at night, further contributing to a more energy-efficient home.

Homeowners Can Always Entrust Our Installers With Their Sunroom Installations

Because sunroom installations are a complex home improvement project that requires a high level of expertise, precision, and knowledge to ensure a successful outcome, it’s best to leave this task in the hands of our professionals. The experts at American Eagle Builders possess the necessary skills and experience to handle the structural, electrical, and insulation aspects of the project, ensuring that you’re left with a sturdy, energy-efficient, and comfortable space. Our professional installation team also carries insurance and warranties on their work, providing you with peace of mind and protection against unforeseen issues or damages. By entrusting your sunroom installation to our skilled experts, you can be confident in the quality, safety, and long-term enjoyment of your new living space.



What Our Customers Say

Nothing but good things to say about my experience with American Eagle Builders about how they handled the pouring of a new outdoor patio and the enclosure of our existing covered patio. Our salesman, John, was a real delight to work with as was Ashley in the front office. They worked diligently with the city of Arlington to get the building permit approved and were able to start work almost immediately once it was. Our installer, Mike, was was very methodical and took his time to make sure everything was done right. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the work--shown in the photos--and are now waiting on another contractor to put in the wood flooring. Highly recommend this company to others seeking similar work.

Bryan Cline

We had our patio concrete coated and then had it screen enclosed. Both crews were really nice and easy to work with. Very thorough and paid attention to detail. I recommend this company.

Roy Owen

I was extremely impressed with the professionalism the works displayed during the installation and completion of the job. Even though the rain threw the scheduled completion time off it was still completed in a timely fashion. The patio has given my back yard that extra boost it needed to complete my home. It was easy to talk to the sales team and the contractors and they were willing to answer my questions. They responded without hesitation to satisfy my concerns when I had questions after the patio completed. I wasn't rushed into signing off on the project until everything was completed to my satisfaction. If you're looking to add a patio I would recommend American Eagle Builders.

Yolanda Payton

I had a patio cover installed. They first said the work would begin about six weeks out but to my surprise it began three weeks out. Jim was my installer and he went above and beyond to ensure I had a strong and properly supported patio cover built. Very pleased with the result and received a very favorable and fair price.

Richard Garrett

American Eagle Builders designed and built a pergola over my back patio. It is beautifully done. Jim Sutton, the builder, did an incredible job. Materials and craftsmanship are both top-notch. I absolutely love it!

Lois Leftwich

First of all I would like to thank Phil Ehinger for coming out to our home and going over the details of the work this company would be doing per our request. Both the Patio Cover and the Door Installation contractors were great. They were very professional and answered any questions we had regarding the work they were doing. They cleaned up after themselves and made sure our dogs would not step on anything that would hurt them. We have already had a couple of neighbors ask about your company doing windows and have referred them to give you guys a call. We will most likely call again later about doing the rest of the windows in our home. P.S. Our kids and grandkids love coming to visit us with this new outdoor patio area.

Pamela Craig

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