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15 Enjoyable Reasons to Add a Patio Cover or Pergola

Updated: 3 days ago

Homes ideally provide shelter, living, and gathering space.  Some favorite places to gather in a home are the kitchen, living room, pool, and patio areas.  If the weather is sunny and hot, or cool and wet, gatherings will typically need to take place inside unless there is a patio cover or pergola that can keep the elements at bay.  Shade from the sun and shelter from rain or hail are good reasons to install either a patio cover or a pergola to provide protection from Mother Nature.  

Covered patios and pergolas can be enjoyed both now and in the future as enhancers of home resale value.  Adding a patio cover or pergola to a home’s exterior can greatly enhance its functionality, comfort, and aesthetics.  Also, home buyers are usually on the lookout for homes with added features they can enjoy.  Patios and pergolas fit that bill.  Here are 15 reasons to consider adding a patio cover or pergola to a home’s outdoor spaces.

Patio Cover or Pergola in the backyard of the house

Enjoyable Reasons to Add a Patio Cover or Pergola:

1. Protection from the Elements

A patio cover offers shelter from the sun, rain, hail, sleet, and even light snow, allowing for an enjoyable patio experience regardless of the weather.  A pergola can offer limited sun protection, but not as much moisture protection as a patio cover.

2. Shade

Both patio covers and pergolas can offer shade but to varying degrees.  If a pergola has been taken over by climbing plants, it will offer a fair amount of shade protection.  Patio covers will typically offer the most shade.  This shade protection makes an outdoor space cooler and more comfortable, especially during hot summer months.

3. Enhanced Outdoor Dining & Entertainment

Another benefit of installing a patio cover or pergola is the creation of an inviting space for hosting friends and family, whether for a casual barbeque, formal dinner, or a relaxing evening gathering.

4. Year-Round Enjoyment

With options like fabric or retractable covers or added fixtures such as heaters and fans, a patio cover or pergola can make an outdoor space usable throughout most of the year.

5. Extended Living Space

By effectively expanding a home’s living area, a patio cover or pergola provides a comfortable outdoor space for relaxing, dining, and entertaining.

6. Energy Savings

By naturally shading a home’s doors and windows, a patio cover or vegetation-enhanced pergola can help lower a home’s cooling costs during hot months and provide some additional insulation from the winter cold.

7. Increased Home Value

Enhancing a home’s outdoor space with a patio cover or pergola can boost the resale value of a home by adding attractive and functional square footage.  

8. UV Protection

UV rays are damaging to nearly everything.  A pergola, but especially a patio cover, can protect both people and outdoor furniture from harmful UV rays, protecting people’s health and extending the life of patio furnishings.

9. Aesthetic Appeal

Patio covers and pergolas add visual interest and architectural style to a home, enhancing the overall curb appeal.  This can be important to buyers who are looking for these types of home additions that can add to the enjoyment of a home.

10. Many Style Options 

Available in many materials, styles, and colors, patio covers and pergolas can be customized to perfectly match a home’s current design and a homeowner’s tastes.

11. Increased Privacy

With the addition of curtains, screens, climbing plants, or latticework, the privacy of a patio or pergola can be increased, thus making it a secluded place of solace.

12. Personal Retreat

A personal oasis for relaxation, meditation, or reading with comfortable seating and ambient lighting, can be achieved when a functional patio cover or pergola is installed.

13. Poolside Lounge

A patio or pergola adjacent to a pool can serve as a poolside lounge for getting out of the direct sun for a while, cooling off, or taking a safety break from swimming activities.

14. Support for Climbing Plants

Patios and especially pergolas provide two to four or more vertical posts for climbing plants such as wisteria, honeysuckle, grapevines, trumpet vines, bougainvillea, climbing roses, and more.  This can help create more shade, especially with pergolas.

15. Outdoor Kitchen

A covered patio provides an ideal space for an outdoor kitchen, allowing one to cook and dine outside comfortably.


Adding a patio cover or pergola to a home is a great way to maximize functional and enjoyable outdoor space. It makes the space attractive and fun for various activities throughout the year and adds long-term value to a home.

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